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The aircrew

     The following task should be completed in 15 minutes. We advise to prepare a sheet of paper and a pencil, put the watch on a table, read the content of the task, and…unravel the complicated dilemma. So here's the task:

     The aircrew of the airliner consists of three people: a pilot, a navigator, and a flight attendant. Their surnames (the order of appearance of those surnames is neutral, as it will turn out later) are: Mountain, Bird, and Sparrow. Bird earns 2000 £, Mountain lives in London, and in Oxford there lives a passenger who has the same surname as the flight attendant. The flight attendant lives half the way between London and Oxford. Her closest neighbour, the passenger, earns almost twice as much as she does. Just before the departure Sparrow won 30 £ in draughts from the pilot.

     So there is a question: what is the surname of the navigator if the flight attendant earns 2000 £?

     The task isn't senseless, as it may appear at first. It is utterly correctly constructed from the point of view of logic. You will find out by yourself about this in about 15minutes, and if you cannot solve the problem in the given time - acknowledge your defeat and take a look at the answer.


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