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The Three Wise Men

     A king had three wise men: a Tall one, an Average one, and a Small one. In order to check whether they were really so smart, he came up with a trick.

     "Listen, my wise men, I have got five nightcaps: 2 of them are black and 3 are white. I will put a nightcap on each of you and ask you to guess the colour of the nightcap on your head."

     The king set the wise men in the order: the Small, the Average, the Tall, so that the Tall could see both of them and the Average could see only the Small one.

     "Try guessing!" - the king shouted.

     The Tall one replied: "I don't know."
     The Average one replied: "I don't know."
     The Small thought for a bit and answered:...

     So there is a question: What did he say?


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